Primary Care doctor

Dr. Roya Hassad is the Best primary care doctor in Queens and NYC, offices are in New York, Forest Hills & Great Neck, get quick appointment (516) 829-2933 How to Find an excellent primary care doctor? Choosing a great primary care doctor is one of the most important health decisions you have to do it. […]

Primary Care Physician

Medical doctor

Medical doctor is a physician who visits patients in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, or private practices. Medical doctors manage patients for illnesses and injuries. They are taking full medical history, complete physical exam and prescribe appropriate medications, order diagnostic tests, diagnose ailments, and record patient information. Doctor Roya Hassad MD is one of the best […]

Family Practice

Family practice is a doctor who provides primary health care and services to members of the local community. Dr. Roya Hassad MD a Primary Care Physician, Family doctor, Primary Care doctor, Medical doctor, she completed her residency in Family Practice. She enjoys caring for children, as well as, adolescents and adults. Dr. Hassad and her […]

Family doctor

Family doctor is one of the primary care specialties. Family medicine training, however, is the only primary care specialty to offer care for the whole family, all of different age or gender. There are several different types of doctors that will be identified as a primary care physician – typically Family doctor, Internal Medicine or […]